“Oh, We need more technology!” Or do we?

Technology has enabled connections and conversations all over the world and Google is a staple in ways to find just about anything.  As cool as technology is, it is not replacement for genuine, face-to-face experiences. The question we hear often is how to craft face-to-face experiences that still bring value to attendees and vendors. The…
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Use Experiential Marketing Technology Wisely

Is the conference of the future filled with people walking around aimlessly wearing virtual reality headsets?  Roaming, reaching and grabbing at the unknown? No....and yes.  Technology can be a wonderful mechanism to build your brand, increase customer engagement and create exciting experiences. should always be used in conjunction with human presence at events and…
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Design Thinking to Address Relevant Business Issues

Innovators such as Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison used a problem-solving process called “design thinking” to create an unfair advantage in their industries. As a process to listen, empathize, think with both sides of the brain and experiment, design thinking can be applied to how you architect and plan your exhibit experience. Where do you…
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