Optimize Your Act – In-Booth Presentation Best Practices

Engaging with your prospects and clients in an interactive, exciting manner will help you build relationships and interest for your company.  In-booth live presentations can be one way to facilitate excitement but they can also place you in the land of “ho-hum”.  Here are a few best practices we recommend to keep things interesting;

  • Devised in Tokyo in 2003, Pecha Kucha is a simple presentation format where speakers show 20 images, each for 20 seconds so the whole talk is done in less than 6 minutes. It requires a bit of practice by the speakers as the slides advance automatically and they need to synchronize with the images. But, for the audience, it’s a great opportunity to be exposed to a large number of inspiring ideas in a very short time.
  • Choose a presenter that has the talent, experience, and professionalism to knock it out of the park for you.If you don't have any in-house staff willing to take on this job, you can find talent that specializes in trade show presentations through a trade show marketing or talent agency.
  • Your presentation area should be highly visible from the aisle and inviting enough to draw in droves of attendees. Use a high-quality professional display and sound system so attendees can see and hear clearly from a distance
  • For brief presentations, you don't have to provide plush seating – just something to let your audience relax for a few minutes.
  • Before the show, mail or email invitations to prospective attendees, advertise your presentation schedule on your company's website and inform booth visitors when your next presentation will begin by using a programmable display or clock that boldly shows presentation start times.
  • To capture demographic information, use an electronic badge reader or the latest email collecting app on an iPad.
  • Sufficiently staff up to monitor the audience's buying signals during the presentation and to speak with prospects after each presentation
  • Finally, don't forget to thank the booth visitor who took time out of their busy trade show schedule to attend your presentation. Whether it's a sincere "Thank you" or a gift that's appropriate to your target audience, letting attendees know they're appreciated is the perfect finale to any in-booth presentation.

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